Construction Photo Update: August

Construction crews have been busy this month! We are entering week 17 of phase one. We are still on schedule for moving to phase two in November, which is when the Ottawa Street side of the building will be done and the team will begin working on the Chicago Street side. This week, bathroom tile…… Continue reading Construction Photo Update: August

What’s Happening Project Burnham Video Update

Phase 1 is still going strong! However, there is quite a bit of dust on the other side of the wall, so we haven’t had the chance to get pictures in a week or two! There haven’t been many activities that have affected our patrons or staff (just the occasional bang or noise) but there is…… Continue reading What’s Happening Project Burnham Video Update

Phase 1 Begins

Yesterday, our construction crews completed a temporary wall sectioning off the Burnham (Ottawa Street/West) side of the library. On the first floor, they will be clearing out what was the AV room, Joliet Room, Circulation desk, Storytime Room and Youth Services Office to be converted into the new Local History area, Adult computer area, a…… Continue reading Phase 1 Begins